Ticket #740 ( Pending IE )

Short Description Problems with production version of screeensurfer on server
Entered By: mmwebesa@totsol.net When: 2001-04-26 14:23:53 Build: 3.0
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When using screensurfer on my localhost my stml and asp 
files are compiled with out a problem and we get back the 
expected data, basically everything works fine on my local 
pc.  When we loaded the production version of screensurfer 
on our intranet server and moved my files from my localhost 
to the server some of my files fail to run.  
An observation I made is that when testing my files in the 
devcenter on the localhost, the trace file shows every 
single step the stml files go through(eg. the various 
Instantiations, loops, logic, etc... that the stml files go 
through) and the screens that the files are going to - but 
when doing the same thing on the intranet server, that is, 
when viewing the trace file all it shows is the mainframe 
screens that the stml files go to but it does not show the 
detailed steps that the stml files go through.  Another 
observation I made is that the .stml files that were 
created solely by the wizards are the ones that work