Is your business prepared for ‘ambient computing?’

With portal integration, you might be able to increase your company's presence on different systems to the point that you will discover new settings for your data and platforms that require your attention. 

In a piece for ZDNet, Simon Bisson calls the coming future one of "ambient computing," in which the work of interrelated networks goes on all around us and is different from that which we've seen before. Crossing into this future, if it comes to pass, may require an approach to IT modernization that keeps your business relevant.

According to Bisson, major companies like Google and Microsoft are already anticipating this future with their various business developments, and it's only a matter of time before all companies have to follow suit.

"Computing is now, or at least soon will be, completely ambient," he writes. "It's on its way to becoming a background sea of computation that bears little or no relation to the familiar, almost cozy, world of desktop PCs and boxy servers. We will talk, and the world will answer."

Some of this could perhaps be seen in a piece written for Engineering & Technology Magazine by Chris Edwards, which specifically looked at the "embedded" systems that interact with each other and could lead to self sufficient, constantly running operations.

With pressure to map your software across all these different terminals, it will be important to retain the software and information that your company values. The modernization process may be gradual enough to allow for this, but it also could take your company by surprise if you aren't ready.