Month: July 2022

Quantum hacking: What is it and should we be concerned?

While quantum hacking isn’t a major problem yet, with the continued development and research that large corporations, universities and even governments are putting into these powerful systems, a real quantum hacking threat may not be as far away as people think.

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IT security vs OT security: What’s the difference?

In a perfect world, IT and OT security teams would work together and form a unified security strategy to protect physical and digital assets as a whole.

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The most in-demand cybersecurity skills in 2022

Cybersecurity has been and continues to be a huge concern for almost all organizations.

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As AI technology stands today, there are a host of advantages and disadvantages in using it to strengthen cybersecurity efforts.

The pros and cons of AI in cybersecurity

AI has helped us accomplish a lot of good in the cybersecurity space. But, like most things, there is a list of disadvantages and adverse circumstances.

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How ransomware as a service (RaaS) will affect organizations

Ransomware as a service, often abbreviated as RaaS, is an unethical “business” practice used by threat actors that makes malicious software accessible to just anybody who wants it.

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