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Unlicensed Software: A Looming Threat to U.S. Corporations and Government Agencies

Introduction In today’s digital age, software plays a pivotal role in the functioning of both corporations and government agencies. It empowers businesses to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and maintain a competitive edge. Similarly, government agencies rely on software to ensure efficient public services and national security. However, an alarming trend has emerged in recent years,

Which is Worse, Java Terminal Emulators or Open Source?

IT and cybersecurity teams put in months of effort after the Apache Log4j exploit a few years back. Countless organizations that rely on the software are still in the process of updating their systems, despite the Apache Software Foundation releasing a patch just days after the bug’s discovery. While the widespread use of the Java logging library

How to Protect your Web Terminal Emulator Users from Data Breaches

The largest data breach in history occurred in 2013 when cyberattackers stole data from about 3 billion accounts on Yahoo and its subsidiaries, according to TechTarget. These included Flickr, Yahoo Finance, Tumblr and Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Names, passwords, phone numbers, security questions and password reset emails were all taken. While data breaches on this scale