A specialized mainframe access solution should match the private cloud

Does your organization rely on outdated emulation techniques that require an unnecessarily complicated line of access? Rather than the adaptable legacy application modernization options available today, some older software forces staff to rely on just those workers who are interacting them, keeping app use in silos and preventing growth. This negative effect is made worse when enterprises use systems that require one specific software solution unable to spread across multiple devices, ignoring workforce needs.

The functional modern alternative is a software solution for easily managing web service outcomes and automating activity for use on different screens. By streamlining application usage and creating a direct path for system users to follow, company IT directors can readily embrace the private cloud and meet the need for a fully functional and widely dispersed mainframe data access option.

In a recent Forbes article, Kristopher Spadea sums up the benefits of the private cloud in just a few sentences, saying that "private cloud computing is perfect for businesses who want to leverage the agility and efficiency that the cloud can bring, but who also want the "creature comfort" of having dedicated hardware. That is, you don't want to share your cloud with anybody else." He also implies that this cloud could suit companies that have applications with special "technical business requirements" that make a private cloud necessary.

No matter the host or client application, Inventu's Flynet Viewer places generated web services into a context ideal for browsing on web-enabled devices, including .NET and JavaScript. Companies can gain security and efficiency while incorporating new devices into common work procedures that depend upon the modernized applications. This allows companies to focus on expanding what applications can accomplish in different hardware settings.