How mainframe modernization benefits the workforce

Anticipating user access issues makes a legacy system modernization more likely to succeed, because it provides an opportunity to predict changes and ROI once the conversion has occurred. Whether your business has a Windows-based web development environment or is focused on browser-based terminal emulation, a key factor in long-term success is how the workforce will be able to adjust to the new systems.

As we've mentioned before, the easy compatibility of Flynet Viewer with Windows systems, simple HTML code construction and incorporation options allow the Viewer to contribute to existing web pages and portals. This could reduce extra plugins and other work needed to run emulation protocols, allowing for a more strategic use of the workforce. 

Managing employees is a real issue for enterprises to contend with, because the mainframe developer shortage raises concerns of maintaining the proper staff. According to a survey referenced by Investors Business Daily, nearly 40 percent of 350 CIOs don't have any plan to address a smaller developer workforce. At the same time, 88 percent want to keep mainframes as a part of their business.

Using a web mainframe terminal emulator could help businesses both maximize worker's time and maintain access to key legacy applications. Once the Inventu Flynet Viewer solution is in place, a full-function interface is more readily available to clients that need constant IT management. Older computers that have heavy amounts of data to process pose possible burdens to companies that don't know how to manage them, or are using inefficient emulation strategies.

The right solutions don't just make the mainframe easier to accommodate, but affect the users as well. Contact Inventu via email for more information at You can also visit our Product Selection Page for details about which Inventu solution to pursue.