User-friendly emulator interfaces save time and money

Optimizing a legacy application solution for easier use does more than just make it simpler to understand: it also saves time and money spent on extensive training, while extending the access and adaptability needed to respond to modern workplace needs.

By basing the application in a web browser-accessible form supported on different devices, businesses will avoid having to repurchase the previous emulator every time they add a new device or use bothersome codes and downloads when they don't need them.

A direct solution creates a clear line between the user and the legacy mainframe, requiring just the identification data needed to access it and eliminating possible hurdles to efficiency. Companies can still get a secure connection without burdening themselves and wasting money on extraneous training to handle the outdated solutions.

Reducing complexity impacts a company in multiple ways. With the money and time saved from the shorter training process, businesses may more easily hire workers and develop the talent needed to support continued use.

Furthermore, workflow automation will handle the tedious and demanding aspects of manual data entry, with web services simplifying the process of .NET integration. This specific benefit is available through Inventu's Flynet, which can be customized for the team you use to implement it, providing assistance to your workforce.

Integrating old screens into a new, fast-paced web environment is necessary for sustained efficiency, since businesses can spend millions of dollars struggling with the demands of maintaining overly taxing systems.

Because Flynet Viewer turns the initial mainframe application into an easily-parsed HTML code, the amount of work users have to do to prepare is lessened dramatically. From managing multiple host sessions to the setup of the first solution itself, reducing effort will have measurable long-term results.