How can your industry benefit from Flynet Viewer?

While Inventu Flynet Viewer is thin and flexible enough to work with an older mainframe, it is also customizable for specific user concerns. As our list of customer companies shows, Inventu products work for businesses in various industries because they are compatible with different systems, including IBM and Unix, and will create a clear path for application access in browsers on a variety of devices.

Here are some specific examples of situations where Flynet Viewer has helped increase ROI and drive productivity:


A key aspect of Flynet is its interaction with .NET code. When Besler Consulting, a health consulting company, worked with this solution, it was partly the emphasis on .NET that made a complex data management project successful. The Besler staff were already familiar with the fundamentals Flynet is based on and able to use its screen mapping and automation to great effect, reducing data review time by weeks in the process.


The German fashion group ESCADA used Flynet's features to update a critical legacy application it relied on for inventory. It was able to address this by creating drop-down menus that allow for easy access to images of items in a way that benefits retailers. This enabled their existing software for integrated use on the web.


Penson Financial Services worked with Inventu to utilize automation to optimize systems. As with our other examples, this was a case where our client saved time and improved multiple types of workflows, including data entry. Their multiple web services needs made Flynet an important and appropriate solution that helped them create C# code .

Our solutions can be matched to your needs. You can learn more about how to improve your mainframe modernization strategy by contacting us directly for information. You can also read about these industry-specific efforts on our Case Studies page.