Web-based terminal emulator solution may help cut down ‘password rage’

Older approaches to terminal emulation rely on secure logins that unnecessarily complicate basic IT mainframe options. This connects to a general idea of what Centrify called "password rage" in a recent study that was discussed in an Information Age article.

According to this source, passwords contribute to frustration, as users struggle may struggle to remember all of the increasing number of them they may be expected to manage within the next few years alone.

The study assessed the security habits of consumers in the UK, and found that more than 40 percent have some new password-protected online account to take care of each week. Over time, the difficulty of managing all of this information can take its toll, even with new advancements in storage and security.

The CTO EMEA of Centrify, Barry Scott, dubbed this annoyance "password rage" and connected it to the multitude of codes everyday internet users are likely to have to deal with.

"As if we don't have enough frustrations in our lives, passwords are an added irritant, but also an essential part of what we need in order to access online accounts and applications both at work and in our personal lives," he said in the Information Age piece.

Although there are multiple tools to make passwords less unwieldy, including physical items like rings and wristbands, the real issue for teams working with mainframe emulators concerns the necessity of entering this digital information at all.

Emulator solutions should be simple and allow businesses to adapt to newer devices as they are incorporated into daily workflow. No matter what applications you need to port, the process is more effective when it is easy to launch and fits to every computer or mobile option in an efficient way.