Trucking companies should embrace the future with legacy system modernization

Improving legacy system modernization will grant trucking and logistics companies a responsive solution for business performance. Being able to manage a variety of vehicles will be important if demand is indeed growing as an article from Trucking News asserts. In this piece, the source's staff discuss some of the changes facing the commercial trucking business in the immediate future.

Referencing a report from Global Industry Analysts Inc. the article outlines some of the areas that are set to receive increased focus within professional trucking. Fuel efficiency, and the technology needed to promote it is one example, because multiple types of new systems, including Exhaust Gas Recirculation and hybrid trucks, are predicted to be critical.

The GIA statistics also suggest that there will be more than 29 million commercial vehicle units within five years. If the economy sustains a positive growth, the trucking industry could follow suit, requiring outfits to make enduring plans for their mainframe and the applications that are run off of it. 

In addition to monitoring the vehicles they already have as they travel on their rounds, businesses will need to watch the efficiency of newer trucks outfitted with special technology as well. Late last month, Daimler announced a SuperTruck, which will have a fuel efficiency rate that is, according to Autoblog, 115 percent higher than the industry standard. It was sponsored by the Department of Energy in an effort to develop a truck with improved efficiency in multiple areas.

Along the same lines of saving operators money and creating efficient solutions, truck managers should consider the improvements from a custom web-based solution that keeps mainframe data intact. Inventu can meet the device and OS types that a trucking business is currently using to make transitioning to this format easier.