Department of Defense OK’s Blackberry network security plan

The Wall Street Journal has reported on a plan from BlackBerry that would increase mobile security for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Users of mobile software will have more internet safety options at their disposal thanks to approval from the government. iOS and Android users working for the Department of Defense will be affected by this change because they will be able to employ Blackberry's Secure Work Space solution.

In a press release, Blackberry announced last week that the government is granting Security Technical Implementation Guide approval to Secure Work Space across platforms. This increases the potential use of all major mobile devices in this sector. In addition to this public statement, the company made an announcement at Black Hat, a tech convention in Las Vegas.

Blackberry's President of Global Enterprise Services, John Sims, described how this approval could lead to greater use of all kinds of mobile devices at that level of government, although Blackberry use is still common. Recently, Blackberry has taken further steps to improve security by purchasing a German security company called Secusmart. 

"The STIG approval for Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is another validation that enterprises and government agencies can rely on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for secure mobility, no matter which devices they have in the field," he said.

Following this pattern, companies where one type of mobile device is common still need to consider security options for others. Whether it's portal integration or another mobile-friendly option, your business should research Inventu's modernization options. That way, you can find an IT modernization tactic that fits your purpose and the devices your employees use.