Case management system in San Diego County to get new mainframe modernization

Techwire recently reported on the way that San Diego County is preparing to revamp its crime case management software, JURIS, a system designed to serve a variety of judicial  and support functions.

The source describes the process, which will take it from an IBM-based mainframe to a Microsoft-based platform. It shows an example of what mainframe modernization can change for all of the 50 different agencies that depend upon this one infrastructure.

In a Request For Proposal from the county cited by the source, the initiative was compared to a similar one undertaken by San Mateo County eight years ago. By 2016, San Diego hopes to follow in these footsteps in a way that minimizes cost to the community and creates a seamless transition.

"The county mainframe users share the cost of the mainframe and there is a concerted effort by most departments to migrate to a more cost effective platform that is easier to maintain," the statement said.

This draft proposal document also goes into detail regarding the different stages that implementation will take: After its designers create a special "disaster recovery" environment which mimics the production setting, it will be brought into that setting and be ready for final use.

Although there is a plan in case the launch fails somehow, the statement expects its unveiling to be "big bang," a necessity to address security concerns and updates at once rather than through a staggered rollout.

This plan shows clear consideration of the problems likely to occur when IT modernization begins. Countering these issues should be a priority for any legacy system update plan.