Plan a modernization program with help from a professional

When implementing a modernization project for legacy applications, project managers need to recognize how outside solutions can help. If your business has never undergone work like this before, take the time to plan out a specific strategy that takes you through the process, step by step, and is created in coordination with a tested service provider.

Writing for CIO, Brandon Edenfield of Dell Services recently outlined the steps needed to successfully update older applications. While noting that the amount of time it takes to successfully update may vary, Edenfield paints a broad picture of the process in four steps, from "the blueprint phase" to full implementation.

During the third stage, the "transformation" phase, Edenfield notes the importance of matching all of the components involved. This includes a combination of automation and adaptation to make sure legacy software is at home in the new environment.

"You will want to use the right mix of automated migration processes and adaptation to address differences between the legacy environment and your target platform," he writes. "Your new infrastructure is typically installed and configured with your third-party software at this time."

Another article featured in CIO also highlights the problem in "going it alone" without the proper support. That piece, also written by Edenfield, advises companies to keep "an experienced partner" around to serve as a guide through unfamiliar processes. Though this applies to a partner, it extends to the software options that your company turns to for help.

The legacy application software you choose for a project like this should come from a business with a qualified pedigree. A flexible service solution provided by Inventu can fit into any plan.