Mobile Office to allow access to password-protected docs

As BYOD plans and consolidated office networks become more complicated, the telecom needs of the average worker will be tied to the software they use regularly.

WindowsITPro is reporting that the latest version of Windows Office, the version used on the Windows phones running operating system 8.1 with the latest update patched in, supports password-protected files.This is an example of why legacy applications should be brought up-to-date in a way that won't add to information clutter or risk.

Though the software won't allow users to edit documents through this program, it does represent an extension of company property—and a security risk if not given thorough protections.

This issue of passwords as they apply to cloud-based office solutions was addressed in an article in Business News Daily. That source spoke to Mike Gold of Intermedia, who described some of the dangers that password management  can bring into the modern workspace.

"The typical small business has 15 cloud apps, and bigger businesses have even more," he said. "There's a lot of logging in and logging out, and that takes a lot of time. If you lose one [password] you have to reset it, and it's a big hassle for [IT]. Too many passwords hurt employee productivity."

The problem with trying to increase shared app usage in the cloud is how to share passwords without increasing the risk. Microsoft's approach, which is to use a Single Sign On (SSO) password for everyone, can help to keep all activity under one roof. IT modernization efforts can follow in this pattern to give their employees the best and most safeguarded mainframe sharing experience.