Scalability essential to cloud transitions

When moving into the cloud, organizations have to consider the way using decentralized access will play out over the future. Ensuring flexibility will give your organization room to change, grow and adapt to a new cloud sphere as needed. In an article for Windows IT Pro, Cheryl Ajluni cited scalability as a key part of looking for an appropriate cloud partner as businesses look for the advantages of a cloud environment.

alt textAdaptability can enhance a cloud transition.

"Your organization's needs today may not be the same tomorrow," Ajluni wrote. "If it grows, you'll want to be able to scale quickly. Likewise, if business recedes you don't want to be stuck paying for something you aren't fully using." On the other hand, she also recommended that businesses select a cloud vendor with abilities that reflect the goals of a mainframe transition. This can include one with a vendor that manages data centers in a convenient location.

With pricing, size and other scale issues that could crop up later on, a fitting terminal emulation solution will come with multiple ways to give user organizations what they need from the cloud. Inventu FlyNet Viewer is flexible in the following ways:

  • Browser compatibility: Whether the majority of users need to access the terminal from Macs, PCs or mobile devices, Flynet supports the use of major browsers such as Safari and Chrome.
  • Easy licensing: Because it ports mainframe functions into a simple Web URL, users can access Flynet Viewer via an easy solution that doesn't require individual licenses for each computer. This can also work alongside the system's interactivity with novel new devices, like iPads.
  • Scripting simplicity: Flynet Viewer employs Javascript for both Google Apps and Office 365. This puts it ahead of Java Applets and desktop emulators that don't use APIs.

You can get a closer look at the comparison between our solution and other terminal emulation options on this page.