Survey shows JavaScript most popular Full-Stack technology

Why use a legacy modernization solution based in JavaScript? One reason might be because this language represents a major resource that developers around the world prefer for different tasks.

Stack Overflow recently published the results of a Developer Survey showing, among other things, the programming languages different developers are most likely to use. Culling more than 56,000 responses, the source found that JavaScript remains "the most commonly used programming language on earth," accounting for the lead spot among Full-Stack, Front-End and Back-End developers. Although students preferred Java, JavaScript was the second most-liked option for this group.

"The results showed high marks for JavaScript."

Overall, the results showed high marks for JavaScript in not just this year, but every year going back to 2013. Popularity rankings placed it consistently above Java, Python and Ruby each time, in some cases by as much as 30 percent. Nearly 12 percent of developers also said they wanted to start using JavaScript even though they currently aren't.

JavaScript's large international presence can impact developers both through specific changes and the way that the software influences other trends. Microsoft is promoting its Typescript 1.8 among those who need to convert JavaScript libraries, and the Next Web's Owen Williams recently examined some of the features of ECMAScript 6, which he called essentially "the next version of JavaScript."

"JavaScript is finally getting constant supports, so you can define an immutable number in your code that stays consistently the same over time — if you later try to assign something to that constant, you'll get an error," Williams wrote. "This is valuable when you have a known number that can't change over time and your application relies on it being the same.

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