Inventu Web Terminal Emulator Successes

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Here are our Inventu Web Terminal Emulator Success Stories--all of which are in production today. If you are looking to learn how others have succeeded implementing web-based terminal emulation, these success stories are worth a read!

In 2019, an auto parts distributor has been helped by Inventu in their move to Chrome/OS instead of Windows 10 as support for Windows 7 ran out. For an organization moving to Chrome, all applications need to run as a web application, ruling-out the existing desktop terminal emulator. Inventu helped by adding full support for Google Sign-In and the customer is now live with our exclusive Concurrent User License!

Earlier in the year, also taking advantage of the concurrent user license, a Multi-State Health Insurer Replaced a Java Terminal Emulator for 3,000 Users and is in production today with up to 4 sessions per user (that's 12,000 sessions!). Also in 2019, a major International Manufacturer Solved a Mexican Distributor Access Challenge by replacing shipping compact disks and instructions with a simple web link connecting each user instantly to an AS400/IBMi located in Europe.

In 2017, a large Public Safety and Correctional Services State Agency Solved Java Security issues by replacing IBM Host-On-Demand For Thousands with Inventu's Viewer+ on a Cluster of Three Servers serving up to 2,500 concurrent sessions. In the same year, down under in Australia, a large auto manufacturer provided Dealers Instant Access to their Mainframe TN3270 Accounting Systems with up to 1,300 concurrent sessions active on 2 clustered servers. Also in the Southern Hemisphere, a bit to the east :), a large Latin American Retailer gained security and simplicity with Inventu for providing secure HTTPS access to AS400 accounting systems across their large service territory.

Do you use Azure Active Directory (AD) for your web applications security? In 2015, we helped a small State Agency Connect Users secured with Azure Active Directory, avoiding issues in a state that had standardized on Azure/AD. From a small state agency to a large enterprise that both connect to TN3270 IBM Mainframes, in 2014, Inventu also helped a large Railway Company Replace IBM Host-On-Demand for thousands of users across an entire country.

Since 2011, one of our favorite successes is a government agency that provides 24/7 access to comprehensive information supporting multiple criminal justice organizations both at the Federal and State Level. That same year a Quebec Grocery Chain Needed Multiple System Access and found Inventu and has ever since enjoyed instant access for users to multiple mainframes, AS400's and UNIX systems without users needing to install or configure anything.

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