Health Insurer Replaces Java Terminal Emulator for 3,000 Users

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By replacing the Java-based Reflections for the Web from Attachmate/MicroFocus with Inventu Viewer+, a Large Health Insurance I.T. provider now has a refreshed, more reliable and flexible web client application for their 3,000 customer service reps (9,000 sessions total) across multiple Blue Cross Blue Shield and non-BCBS Health Insurance client organizations.

Early in 2018, analysts and developers were deep in analysis on how to replace a tightly integrated Java-based terminal emulator with over 70 complex custom HLLAPI command strings. Customer service reps were using a highly functional web user interface that assisted in the management of all aspects of health insurance provisioning and claims. At any point in the process of supporting a customer or organization, each CSR would be switched to one of three active TN3270 sessions (depending on the functional area of the request), with navigation and key data elements synchronized with the active call.

After an unsuccessful attempt to convert to a pure HTML terminal emulator from another vendor, they engaged with Inventu support. We quickly crafted a new Javascript component that provided plug-compatibility with their proprietary HLLAPI command strings. The resulting Proof-of-Concept quickly demonstrated that a move to Inventu's software and support could be accomplished with minimum effort, testing and regressions. In addition, the new HTML user interface offered better styling and control over the existing Java applets.

Demonstrating the solid professionalism that has made this Health Insurance I.T. provider so successful, the final test was to run a real-life load test on the configured three clustered Inventu servers. Using a guide provided by Inventu (available on request), a comprehensive live simulation was run that reproduced the 3,000 users at a peak transaction rate. There was a glitch with the load balancer so that of the three Inventu servers, only one handled all the requests. "We decided not to fix the load balancer issue because the one Inventu server so easily handled the peak transaction load!"

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