Instant Web Terminal Emulation Replaces Error-Prone Process

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A worldwide major tire manufacturer replaced an error-prone and high-support desktop terminal emulator with the zero-footprint, instant delivery of Inventu Viewer+ Web Terminal Emulator.

Prior to working with Inventu, distributors in Mexico would be mailed a CD or DVD with a licensed desktop terminal emulator from one of the major emulation vendors. At the distributor, the emulator would then be installed using instructions and configuration information. Regardless of the use of mailed CD's or downloaded installation setups, the process was still easily broken, particularly when configuration of the TN5250 host connection to the company's European AS400 had errors.

Working with Inventu, a clustered pair of Inventu Viewer+ servers was installed close to the AS400 and integrated with the company's firewall and load balancer (F5 BigIP). Further integration included a SalesForce Portal Single-Signon using Inventu's SAML 2.0 Identity configuration option along with the InventuSSO scripted host signon feature.

Now, instead of a mailed CD with complicated instructions, Dealers throughout Mexico can simply click on an App Tile in their SalesForce web application to gain instant access to the AS400 application.

A big boost in dealer satisfaction and productivity was discovered once the Inventu Viewer+ TN5250 Device Printer support was used to create printed reports. Since the printouts are delivered as HTML Print jobs, modern browsers offer the option to save a print job as a PDF instead of directly printing, which is exactly what the users need! Using the old desktop emulator, users needed to print to paper, then scan the printouts to PDF. With Inventu Viewer+ they are saving paper and time!

Another benefit compared to other, less mature web terminal emulation options: users can view all messages, tips and pop-ups in Spanish, as the latest Inventu Viewer+ versions include support for eleven languages!

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