Inventu Viewer+ Web Terminal Emulation And Integration

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The Industry's Leading Pure Web Terminal Emulator And More!

We are continuously improving our products while our customers still have the same IBM Mainframes, IBM AS400 (IBM i), UNIX/LINUX/AIX and VAX/VMS/MultiValue systems running screen/terminal applications. As these applications have persisted, Inventu has continued to build bridges from the old to the new, focusing on the latest trends in web user interfaces and Information Technology.

Inventu Viewer+ Product Family

Inventu Viewer connects to your Mainframe (3270), AS400/IBMi (5250) or UNIX/LINUX/MultiValue Host (VT220-440/ViewPoint/ANSI/Wyse/Etc) behind the firewall and to your end-users via standard HTML and Javascript using the same security measures employed for your other Cloud and web-based applications. Inventu Viewer+ provides the fastest, most secure and familiar web terminal emulation available today. Inventu Viewer+ also provides low-code / no-code digital transformation options with screen modernization and OpenAPI MicroServices encapsulation.

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