This Federal Agency Provides 24x7 Access to Critical Information

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We can't really describe much about this success due to confidentiality and the critical nature of the federal agency involved.

At this agency, a 24x7 call center provides information about any person, place or thing that may have impact on a criminal, drug, homeland security or other investigation. Part of the information backing the agency includes a number of mainframes that have applications best accessed with the TN3270 protocol.

In 2011, a combination of the Inventu Viewer Studio generating high-performance web services, and our Web Terminal Emulator enabled integration with a new, state of the art web-based support system. With the Inventu Components, a web service was called to search for key data...if a hit was made and the data was of interest, the web page would switch to our web terminal emulator to display the active 3270 screen for further investigation.

The application has been running solidly since, helping keep America safe!

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