Quebec Grocery Chain Gains Multiple System Access

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One of our largest Canadian customers uses Inventu Viewer+ to maintain access to multiple host systems from a single web page.

A challenge for any company that has made a number of acquisitions is that each acquired company brings with it an existing I.T. infrastructure. To replace the acquired company's mainframe, AS400 or Unix system running the show would be disruptive so perhaps the best approach is to keep things running but bring some central expertise to managing the systems.

With Inventu Viewer+ this was easily implemented and over 15 different connections are managed and displayed to users for connection with each possible host easily identified.

This kind of installation is even easier to manage now with the new Profiles Mode Administrator's Configuration application. Add-in support for localized language (users can choose French for message displays with new Inventu versions) and you have a great solution for a Quebec grocery chain!

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