Partner Opportunities for 3270/5250/VT Integration

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Partner Opportunities for 3270/5250/VT Integration

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Winning New Business with Inventu

Inventu can provide our consulting, systems integration and outsourcing partners a significant opportunity to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve user and customer experiences with our Tools + Middleware terminal emulation upgrade solutions.

Changing Technology Landscape = Opportunity

The evolution of web access for a broad base of users has been impacting previously entrenched technology solutions. Large and numerous organizations that still have IBM Mainframe, IBM AS400, IBM i or UNIX/Linux screen-based applications are needing to re-evaluate how their systems are accessed and integrated (for the nth time!).

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) further lowers the favorability of desktop applications such as traditional terminal emulators. Older web-based technologies for legacy terminal emulation use Java or ActiveX Plug-ins, which are also far less popular and even banned in many environments.

Present your Prospects and Customers with new, fresh approaches. With our Flynet Viewer technology, you can provide new web-based terminal emulation combined with bespoke custom development that all works together and is based on non-proprietary .NET and IIS technology.

Screen Integration Where No Developer has Gone Before

Our Flynet Tools + Middleware solution provides our partners a capability to attack difficult legacy integration projects that previously would be considered too risky due to the scope of effort and complexity. Many organizations, particularly in government, health care and insurance continue to perform data entry activities using terminal emulators and legacy applications that run on IBM Mainframes, IBM System i (AS400) and UNIX/VAX/VMS VT systems. As a result, users are inefficient and require increasing training every year. Major cost savings through increased productivity and workflow efficiencies can be achieved.

Next Generation Projects

Previous generations of integration tools from such companies as Attachmate, Rumba, IBM, Seagull and others have become somewhat obsolete due to lack of a meaningful enhancement schedule. We have recently been involved in a number of "next generation" projects with consulting partners where one of these products was in-place but considered too unproductive to continue using. In each case, by replacing the older tool with the productivity of the Flynet tools, a whole new level of functionality was achieved--Email Us for more infomation on winning new business by replacing obsolete solutions...

For Consulting and Systems Integration Partners

By leveraging our years of experience in this field along with the power of the .NET framework, Inventu and Flynet Tools + Middleware raises the bar and has tamed the worst elements of screen integration.

This means project opportunities in any organization that still has workers interacting with terminal emulators.

For Business Process Outsourcers

Any department that is currently performing some or all of its work using terminal emulators that access IBM Mainframes (3270), IBM System i (5250) or UNIX/VAX/VMS (VT100/VT220) applications probably can experience significant productivity enhancement through the application of our Tools + Middleware host interaction upgrade solutions. If your company has taken-over the work of a department using terminal emulators, you should ask us about the data entry and user interface enhancements now possible that can speed your work while saving you money.

Getting Started

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