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Inventu Corporation develops, provides and supports the state-of-the-art Inventu Viewer+ Pure Web Terminal Emulation Server.

For existing customers, we also support our tools for the access, integration, modernization and migration of IBM and UNIX screen-based, legacy application options.

The Inventu Viewer+ Terminal Emulation Server (U.S. Copyright TX0008657702) and its associated Web Terminal Emulator and tools leads the industry in speed, security and scope of features. Inventu manages licensing for Inventu Viewer+ at and all worldwide customers for this leading technology can thank Inventu for its speed, functionality and reliability.

As your company evolves, chances are you will need to access the information locked behind the screens of your old systems and take it wherever your business takes you. This means granting your current workers, customers and partners access to your screens in a way that looks and acts just like any other web application.

Our web-based server provides outstanding value and ROI by making it easy and efficient for administrators and developers to leverage core legacy applications and integrate them with modern web user applications, with no end-user installation required!

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Employment at Inventu

Inventu is not hiring at this time. Any offers for employment not using an email address are fraudulent and should be reported to the appropriate authorities.