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Enabling Digital Transformation since 2003

Inventu Corporation develops, provides and supports state-of-the-art tools for the access, integration, modernization and migration of IBM and UNIX screen-based, legacy application options.

Inventu's primary product is the Inventu Viewer+ Terminal Emulation Server (U.S. Copyright TX0008657702) and its associated Web Terminal Emulator and tools. Inventu manages licensing for Inventu Viewer+ at and all worldwide customers for this leading technology can thank Inventu for its speed, functionality and reliability.

As your company evolves, chances are you will need to access the information locked behind the screens of your old systems and take it wherever your business takes you. This means granting your current workers access to your previous material in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand and keep by them at all times, whether on their desktops and laptops or while on-the-go through a mainframe emulator on mobile devices.

Our tools provide outstanding value and ROI by making it easy and efficient for developers to leverage core legacy applications and integrate them with modern technologies, transforming them into a crawlable and searchable web service.

This process is simple and can apply to new platforms, portals, mobile applications, dashboards and leading content management applications such as SharePoint and BPM servers such as BizTalk. This means you don't have to abandon the functionality you were getting from the older system.

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Employment at Inventu

Inventu is not hiring at this time. Any offers for employment not using an email address are fraudulent and should be reported to the appropriate authorities.

The Inventu Difference

Because many existing solutions will require you to sacrifice something, whether it's time or ease of use, we think it's important that our system allows for access on all of the most popular devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac and OSX, as well as readily available consumer electronics like phones and tablets. Some companies might be tempted to use plug-in based solutions instead, but this could pose security risks to your business.

Similarly, Citrix might offer its own problems to users who want to venture beyond their desktop. With our products, there is an added layer of safety because it all takes place on the machines that you already are familiar with. You can stay connected to the old and still move forward into the new through legacy modernization.

Our Products

Our Inventu Viewer+ product line is 100% Microsoft .NET compatible. This complete environment gives users simplified web access and gives developers the power to automate data input and output via code-generated web services or enhanced ASP.NET UIs, allowing efficient integration with modern applications.

We offer several variations of the Inventu Viewer+ product that can be used in different situations for optimal performance: Terminal Emulation, Web Service Integration and Modernization. These can all be incorporated in order to meet your needs and can interact to build a combination of resources to be called upon at different times and chosen for whatever your business wants, specifically.

Screensurfer is a legacy application integration toolset+middleware product that uses HTML, Javascript and its own Surferscript language to make it easy for developers to create enhanced UIs and XML-over-HTTP transactions (called from popular languages such as JAVA, ColdFusion, PHP, etc.) for legacy applications. Screensurfer also includes its own web server, eliminating the need for additional server resources.

Why Partner with Inventu?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and similar policies have grown tremendously in recent years, and it's no longer enough to have strong applications. Information must be accessed from different locations to promote rapid and optimal service that won't lag you down. Inventu Corporation will help you create an easy bridge from your past into the 21st century.

Inventu Corporation is a Microsoft Partner and a member of both the Microsoft Midrange Alliance and Mainframe Migration Alliance. The company was founded by the same development and support teams who created both Inventu Viewer+ and Screensurfer more than 10 years ago, and we continue to provide meaningful mainframe modernization in this area today.