Major South American Retailer Secures AS400 TN5250 Access

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In 2018, South America's Largest Retailer secured the access to their AS400 accounting system using Inventu's Inventu Viewer+.

System architects were scrambling--their company's implementation for accessing one of the company's accounting systems used an old terminal emulator that lacked support for more modern implementations of SSL (TLS 1.2). When reviewing upgrade options to the existing desktop architecture, using a pure web terminal emulator was brought into the discussion.

Soon after, they contacted Inventu and we proceeded to assist in their evaluation of the particular, pointing them to our web page Web Terminal Emulator Requirements (opens new page). There, they learned the key requirements for a web terminal emulator...all of which Inventu Viewer+ meet (of course!).

As with many of our customers, a pair of Clustered Servers was implemented to support their hundreds of concurrent sessions and they followed the initial implementation with a connection to another AS400 application during 2019. The new Profiles-based configuration environment (an Inventu exclusive) helped in making the addition of new access profiles an easy task.

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