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Terminal Emulation, Terminal Protocols and our Products

IBM Mainframes, IBM AS400 (iSeries/IBM i), UNIX, LINUX, VAX/VMS systems using the 3270 (Mainframes), 5250 (AS400) or VT100/VT220/VTxxx (UNIX/Linux/VAX/VMS), also including ANSI, SCO-ANSI and other protocols.

Demonstrations: both Live Web Demos and online Videos

See Inventu Viewer working live (first link)-- Also recorded videos of Inventu Viewer Terminal Emulation.

To qualified organizations, we offer a live, online web demonstration of our full function web terminal emulation for Mainframes, AS400/IBM i and UNIX / VMS / PICK / MultiValue applications. These web demonstrations are available on a scheduled basis based on your request criteria.

Development and Technology

Screen integration is technical and involved--we have been doing it for, literally decades. During this time a few articles have been written; here they are...

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