Australian Auto Dealer Appreciates High Performance

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A major Auto Manufacturer replaced an obsolete ActiveX Terminal Emulator with Inventu Viewer+ to provide web-based TN3270 Mainframe access for their Australian Dealer Network.

A very inexpensive ActiveX Terminal Emulator had been working well for years but needed replacement! Users complained about being limited to Internet Explorer; increasing security concerns and constant technical support headaches triggered a search for a true web terminal emulator.

At first, a relatively inexpensive web terminal emulator was considered, as the pricing was very attractive and actually published on the vendor's website.

But there was a problem. The application used by the dealers was a crucial set of financial transactions that tended to be "hammered in" at each month-end. Also, there were over 1,200 concurrent sessions and just in the preliminary testing of the inexpensive emulator, the analyst in charge of the replacement search noticed a lag during keying.

Inventu was contacted and we suggested a simple network trace to check if the inexpensive emulator had a high network impact or perhaps was sending each keystroke in-between the web client and the server (not how a TN3270 connection is supposed to work, as TN3270 is block mode!). As it turned-out, not only the keystrokes were being sent back-and-forth; each movement of the mouse created a "crazy amount of network activity!".

A proof of concept was implemented with Inventu Viewer+ -- the improvement in performance was immediately evident!

Installed on a pair of non-stop clustered servers, the new Inventu solution went into production in early 2018 and has been running smoothly ever since--even at month-end!

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