3 new facts about Chrome 45

With the latest browsers constantly updating and providing new possibilities for users, companies stand to benefit from solving legacy solutions in a way that lays the groundwork for the future. One of the most popular and present consumer browsers, Google Chrome, was recently updated, and with it came a number of new changes for businesses to be aware of, especially if their users access work functions on mobile devices.

When planning for successful legacy applications modernization activity, IT overseers will want to consider both the present and future state of the browsers they depend on. Here are three features of Chrome 45 that could impact enterprise use:

  • Custom tabs for Android: Chrome users with Android phones will be able to internally open tabs within an app, according to NDTV Gadgets, with pages pre-loaded for faster access and numerous features tweaked for customization.
  • Improved security: In addition to the nearly 30 fixes highlighted on the official Chrome Releases blog, VentureBeat reports that Chrome 45 has an updated Content Security Policy and the Subresource Integrity feature to "help mitigate the risk of a compromised server and make sure only the expected resource is used (as opposed to any resource at a given URL)."
  • No Java compatibility: While this iteration of Chrome has new JavaScript features available for developers, Java itself is not supported. This also extends to other NPAPI options like Silverlight, and has been on the horizon at least since earlier versions disabled it as the default.

A web based terminal emulator is ideal for the BYOD-ready enterprise because it centers around easy-to-adapt HTML code while leaving the possibility for future updates open.