The benefits of avoiding ‘swivel-chairing’

As we explain in our Terminal Emulator Buying Guide, "swivel-chairing" is a tedious process that companies may fall into if they use the wrong legacy system modernization solution. The term refers to the amount of back and forth that companies have to do to manually transplant old data from traditional mainframes. As an IT strategy, it represents a wealth of inefficiencies and problems.

Rather than expend time and energy on this process, IT departments should use a fluid, adaptable screen-based solution that brings several benefits with it. Here are a few advantages companies will gain when using a mainframe terminal emulation option that doesn't require endless copying and pasting:

  • Current compatibility: In addition to being a drain on resources, manually placing old code doesn't necessarily ensure compatibility with the newest screen-based devices and browsers. By contrast, Inventu's Flynet Viewer is useful for companies with specific browsers and OS needs that are best suited to equal functionality on all screens. Legacy browsers and new ones will receive equal support.
  • Familiar access interface: Inventu presents a retooled application in a web browser that works just like familiar apps and doesn't require the hassle of extraneous downloads. 
  • Long term support: Swivel-chairing doesn't provide any guarantee that companies will be able to improve future application use, or give them the tools to structure an efficient system for mainframe access. Inventu's mainframe terminal emulator is a worthwhile investment, not a temporary fix.

Break out of old routines by using a process that is modern, cost-effective and simple, as well as tailored to the specifics of an enterprise. Previous emulation options may no longer be as appropriate as they once were for your company's infrastructure, so turn away from the more strenuous methods of application use to free up time and resources.