Spread important apps over all devices, not just PCs

For numerous reasons, multiple types of devices are not uncommon in many workplaces. Organizations may be used to running mainly off of PCs, but thinking like that could be a mistake in a world where employees are used to working with their own devices, which may or may not be the same brand as the typical desktop computer.

Ideally, the best solution for addressing legacy applications will be one that looks forward to a more device-friendly office. Older modernization strategies that are limited in the systems they address aren't as suitable for a company where iPhones and tablets are also used for work functions.

Earlier this year, Sarah Tanksalvala commented on the increasing interest in BYOD among companies as the year progresses. As she describes it, the BYOD movement is leading to more flexible companies that are able to innovate, and can spend less on moving into a cloud-based work environment.

"Because the cost of change and innovation is much lower on the cloud, IT departments will be able to innovate and experiment more freely," she writes. "Buying behavior is beginning to change as software becomes obsolete less quickly, and Bring Your Own Device — or BYOD, where employees work with their own equipment — is becoming increasingly popular."

To stay equally flexible, businesses should create a workplace where the same application access solution is available to everyone, promoting consistency by connecting through one central web based mainframe terminal emulation option. A simplified app that behaves like a natural extension of the mainframe streamlines activity through a web link that is still secure enough for all departments to use. 

Unlike other web based interfaces, the Inventu Flynet Viewer is packaged into a single option that eliminates the need for extraneous instructions and downloads. With this, all workers will be running off of a ported version of the legacy mainframe programs, easily.