New Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 could be a major tool for offices

A new hybrid device, the Satellite Radius 11, will be released by Toshiba, and according to multiple sources, is a "convertible" device that can switch between tablet and keyboard mode for ultimate Windows functionality.

Will it add to the glut of new devices that are making successful BYOD management an increasingly complex task? Interested parties will be able to find out for sure when it goes on the market later this month.

VentureBeat provides a closer look at this device, which offers different display options depending on how you maneuver the screen, making it suited for both active work tasks and passive things like presentations. It may retain the slim design and light weight of many comparable tablet-like devices, but the manufacturer is clearly intending it to make inroads into regular work use. 

Carrie Cowan, Toshiba's marketing director, told VentureBeat that the device is meant to be versatile.

"We see people buying this to get on the web and use it in a variety of ways," she said. "It's for the performance buyer who can benefit from convertible functionality." Of its size, she adds that "it fits on an airline tray table nicely and you can sit back and watch a movie on it."

ZDNet's James Kendrick seemed to think similarly favorably about this device, calling it "tailor-made for the BYOD crowd" and noting that the two different available processors are configurable and both designed to support the latest version of Windows.

The most important aspect of any BYOD program is whether a company can hope for reliable and easy screen-sharing on all available devices. With a sufficient portal integration plan, this is not an issue.