Track employee use of mainframe applications with web services

To monitor the effectiveness of employee activity during the day, your business should consider a Flynet Viewer. This tool can record interactions between the individual and the mainframe, and help you track individual screens based on which are most valuable. This is a first step to further analytics processes as well as an important process in its own right for learning more about your everyday operations.

You can see an example of this procedure in an instructional walkthrough video on the Inventu website. Customization is part of Flynet's specialty, as the Wizard that comes with it allows you to identify which sections are most important and map them accordingly. The same tool works equally well for single or multiple rules, and all of the changes made are clearly defined for record.

This is a smart solution that will also distinguish between all of the different screens you record and help you mark any that have a special significance. Your company can even use automation to help standardize this format and prevent any inconsistencies from showing up in the data later on.

Screen sharing is becoming standard not just for mainframe applications but for common devices like Microsoft-enabled Lumia Phone and the Apple OS X platform. However, It's just as important to use the information displayed on multiple screens for progress as it is to make sure it is observed and processed effectively.

This is just one part of the multi-faceted and user friendly Flynet Viewer provided by Inventu. Read about our mainframe terminal emulator products and the impact they will have on your company's operations today.