Will Google Chromebooks be the new trend for the workplace?

Google is already behind some of the devices employees bring into work, but according to a recent post on the official company blog, they're still pushing for the Chromebook to take off. In addition to offering new features for users to enjoy, the company is also granting a $50 subscription plan as part of this.

The post features a list of the new elements that will interact with the Chrome software and allow companies more freedom in setting up a wide network that helps manage different devices. This includes more Chrome management, better graphics and a single sign-on, among other new options.

Chromebooks are competing with other companies like HP when it comes to easy-to-use and affordable laptops. In the Google post, though, Chrome For Work's manager, Saswat Panigrahi, described some of the unique advantages that users will get when it comes to wireless networks. When speaking about network certificates, he expanded the range of possible clients to include schools and government organizations as well as businesses.

"Using the Admin Console, IT admins can pre-configure their secure networks, push certificate management extensions and pre-select certificates to be used with certain websites and networks," Panigrahi writes. "Partners such as Aruba Networks, Cloudpath Networks and Aerohive Networks have already integrated this functionality."

Though this pricing plan and the features that come with it won't necessarily be successful, companies should research a portal integration model that gives them some sort of basis for integrating unifying internet strategies successfully. Having this solution ready to go before the laptops arrive will increase their effectiveness once they do, and that applies not just to this hardware but other upcoming portable devices.