Industrial and Commercial Bank of China first customer for new IBM mainframe software

IBM is trying out a new server overseas, according to ZDNet. The source notes that the mainframe giant will be implementing its "System Z" mainframe in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), part of a new bridge between this company and China that includes allying with that country's Inspur Group, Inc. 

For banks, this shows the importance of keeping mainframe modernization in mind as financial services expand. The ICBC reportedly works in 40 different countries and has more than 430 million accounts to manage across its systems. The fluid technology of System Z is intended  to cut downtime and allow the ICBC more means of staying up-to-date with its processes.

In addition to the mainframe, IBM is also keen to enforce cloud-based service operations. On August 22, the company released a press statement concerning a "three-year agreement" with China Telecom Corporation Limited. This is designed to support enterprise cloud activity in smaller businesses in the region, particularly through SAP applications. 

The CEO of IBM's Greater China Group, D.C. Chien, said that the push towards cloud use in that region will be better for local enterprises. The plan is to start working with customers in the southeast part of the country and move north.

"Our work with China Telecom will provide small-to-medium sized businesses in China with the means to more quickly deploy enterprise-grade cloud capabilities and assist them in driving innovation via the cloud," Chien said.

Businesses that don't have access to the latest mainframe have a better option at their disposal: a mainframe terminal emulator. Cloud and other web-based enterprise software solutions are stronger when coupled with a uniform mainframe access tool that works equally on all browsers.