Internet Explorer will be incompatible with old Java plugins

Because Java compatibility is a common problem that companies might encounter as they attempt to use a browser emulator, the latest solutions should be anticipated. A blog post from Microsoft reports that the popular Internet Explorer browser is not going to work with older editions of Java, in order to block potential security problems. 

This will be as a result of a Java update package that will look to lower the high amount of exploits this software enabled last year. The main focus of the update will be the ActiveX controls that Java uses in each browser, which can affect the level of compatibility between browsers and important websites. 

The post explains in detail how the update will work to block Java, and what users can expect to see on their screens when such a problem is prevented. An ActiveX problem can slip by if your company isn't specifically looking for it—or using a a solution that bypasses the problem altogether.

"Unfortunately, because many ActiveX controls aren't automatically updated, they can become outdated as new versions are released," the statement reads. "It's very important that you keep your ActiveX controls up-to-date because malicious or compromised Web pages can target security flaws in outdated controls to collect information, install dangerous software, or by let someone else control your computer remotely."

These possibilities can be confounding to companies that are already struggling to keep up with the latest, most compatible versions of Microsoft software that are still being supported. Use a mainframe terminal emulator solution that doesn't require you to worry about the changing nature of Java or ActiveX security at all.