New statewide cloud coming to California, courtesy of IBM

Knowing the limitations of a cloud system can impact the activities performed on it and how you conduct your business. Companies based in California should be aware of the new option coming to the area in the form of the CalCloud project, which will affect hundreds of organizations within the Golden State.

If you are migrating to the cloud, the portal integration you follow may change based on local protocols. In a press statement on this project, IBM announced that it will be bringing its cloud computing resources and expertise to this state-based exchange.

The purpose of this combined computing initiative is to give multiple government users the chance to have the same quality of IT, while at the same time working at the pace and schedule that is specific to their needs.

The statement quotes IBM Global Technology Services' Erich Clementi, who hinted at the way this could influence cloud development in other states. 

"Transforming how the State of California delivers technology services is not only more efficient and cost effective, it will spur innovation with cloud capabilities that are open and secure," he said.

Adoption of CalCloud within the state by different agencies appears to be voluntary, but many have already taken part, and it's hoped that the developing possibilities of this network cuts through some of the isolation that the different entities currently experience.

When making the leap to greater IT modernization, the tools that you use to make the process easier also make a difference in terms of your cost. Whether it's a large, all-encompassing project like this or something solely happening within your company, compatible software can allow you the chance to connect everyone in your department equally.