Future of Windows phone still murky

The mobile world appears to be continuously transforming and playing host to newer devices, as well as newer versions of devices we've seen for some time. A more accommodating sharepoint integration system can make it easier to manage all of these different pieces of hardware.

Although the Amazon Fire Phone has received lots of attention in the media as an alternative to Apple's dominance of mobile culture, Windows also has its own mobile device that it wants to promote.

Writing for USA Today, Edward Baig references the way that phones seem to have lagged behind other arms of Microsoft's business, especially its gaming offerings via Xbox, in terms of development. There are many supposed features coming this way from the company, including an increased attempt at low-cost phones and a new upgrade to go with it.

But in the wake of thousands of layoffs to its Nokia staff, Microsoft has some serious roadblocks in its path if it wants to increase mobile usage. Nevermind the overwhelming competition that it faces from other more popular providers even as the CEO, Satya Nadella, pays attention to the needs of mobile. 

"The first of the phones with the upgrade, the budget-priced Nokia Lumia 635, look like a real bargain," he said. "But Microsoft has a long way to go before Nokia and Windows Phone makes major progress in snatching meaningful market share from the competition, assuming that is even possible."

Since the general strategy of Microsoft's efforts in the mobile arena may change relatively soon, the phones your employees use regularly may change as well. The steps you take to legacy application modernization need to be made with this in mind.