New screens will still require strong emulators

Inventu prides itself on being able to supply screen scraping tools and host access solutions that can lead to better performance across all of the different departments in your company. This means providing options for screen-based device terminal emulation, as well as keeping up with the times as the definition of what a screen-based device is changes.

For example, we can look at the super-thin screens that may be coming soon courtesy of LG Display. Mashable has reported on this technology that could alter both the nature of work monitors and how people think of displayed information.

Although this technology won't be available for at least three years, according to this source, these screens look to combine high resolution with an ease of transportation, handling and display of the lightweight materials used.

More than this, the portable devices that use these screens could grant users the chance to access their devices in different ways. In a TechNewsWorld piece on this development, Sweta Dash of IHS described some of the thought behind creating these screens and what they could open up for future electronics users.

"This is a big step in the right direction for the future of flexible displays," Dash said. "People want bigger displays in [mobile devices] but the size makes them inconvenient, so rollable flexible displays will be a big thing."

No matter how big or small this particular technology proves to be, it does show a progression toward more screen-based device use in the future. This can mean that your company should invest in the terminal emulator software that helps it unite all of these different options.