Be realistic about cloud conversion demands

If your business has made no significant inroads to the cloud yet, you may not have a valid picture of what strengthening your IT resources really entails, or should. In these days of overzealous shouting about security, how can one determine what actually needs to be done?

A ZDNet piece features quotes from Mark O'Conor of DLA Piper UK, who described the way that a knee-jerk reaction might impede an actual usable approach to security.

This can, of course, be difficult on the large scale because different organizations might have their own levels of readiness when it comes to security, and the same can hold for countries.

"It might be perceived or emotional risk or the need to demonstrate to shareholders or the regulator that you've taken appropriate steps," he said.

A similarly themed piece in eSecurityPlanet reported on the cyber tension between the US and the EU. It quoted information from a study by a cloud security company that more than half of a group of 117 IT experts from the EU "claimed that they do not fully trust U.S.-based clouds." Nearly half prefer the European clouds for business, believing them to be safer and more secure.

It's no secret that security is going to be a concern no matter where on the globe you do business: much of the cyber criminal activity documented in the news has been international in nature. One way to try and allay feelings can be through the use of universally applicable portal integration software.

By using a consistent solution, you can help different branches of your company feel a little less spread out.