Trucking companies may need stronger IT security

Trucks may be able to withstand the pressure of time, but the IT that goes into maintaining a secure supply chain needs to be sufficiently updated. A recent article on TruckingInfo examined the need for legacy system modernization within the trucking industry, and why these companies need to make up for their lost time sooner than later for better results.

Presented in a question and answer format, part of this piece by TI's tech editor Jim Beach looks at the warning signs that might indicate an upgrade is in order, citing information from specialists in related fields.

According to his lines of questioning, successful integration between different computing systems is key, and managers need to question their current approach to legacy integration thoroughly.

"If you want to provide your customers a web portal for checking on their loads, can your current system deliver that?" Beach asks. "Can it accommodate mobile device access so fleet managers can log into the system when away from their desk?"

A similar article in Fleet Owner looked at a study from the software company HID, which alleged that around 60 percent of companies do not perform annual security assessments. Almost a quarter of respondents haven't performed a security upgrade within the last three years, either.

It quoted members of the company on the critical need to stay current with relevant industry regulations to keep their organization protected. Also, "more than 20%" of the respondents have not upgraded their systems in three years, the source noted.

Using a browser based terminal emulator can be one of those things that distinguishes your company and helps you avoid major setbacks in the long run.