Losing functionality due to Java-incompatible browsers

If you are considering or already own Java-based web mainframe terminal emulators, your business might have concerns about whether it will be able to do the same things on a mobile or tablet device that you've always been able to do in other settings. By selecting a reliable emulator software solution, you can ease the transition and feel right at home in a new digital environment.

Due to performance and security concerns, both Apple iOS and Android devices do not allow Java applets to run in web browsers on the industry's most popular devices.  This includes the iPhone, iPad and Android-based phones and Tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy or Google Nexus.  If your organization has terminal emulators based on Java applets, they simply won't run on any of these devices, and that means your entire mainframe expansion effort will have been affected.

Even on desktops, where Java applets have always been supported, there are ongoing security issues making their use a potentially threatening situation for your data. In a different Q&A feature, Patrick Marshall of The Seattle Times mentioned that Java problems can persist no matter which browser is used.

"Whenever your computer is connected to the Internet, it is at risk," he writes in response to a question about Chrome security vulnerabilities. "Specifically, Java has been known to have serious vulnerabilities over the years and as they are patched, more seem to emerge."

It does matter, however, what approach a company takes when modernizing a mainframe and making it accessible across numerous devices, because you might risk choosing a solution that is incompatible with your current system. Inventu can provide products that are easily integrated and help you negotiate the potential damage that compatibility and security issues with Java might cause.