Enterprises Must Focus on Security as They Shift to the Cloud

Enterprise cloud adoption is increasing exponentially across various industries, as organizations make the switch from on-premises equipment to virtual servers. However, many executives are struggling to address internal security threats as they embrace new technology.

In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Macro 4, a branch under UNICOM Global, a full 87% of participants agreed that their legacy systems were vulnerable to security threats, and 82% said that they recognized the incompatibility of legacy systems with modern security methods. However, 89% of the 100 IT chiefs questioned said that they still continued to use their obsolete systems to keep archived material accessible.

Cloud computing security breach
Lack of security in legacy apps leads to internal risks when switching to cloud computing.

Implementing industry-standard security practices is something a staggering number of businesses fail to do, thus leaving their internal systems open to attacks. However, simply making a switch to the cloud isn't a magic bullet to solve all security issues; according to RedLock CSI's Public Cloud Infrastructure Security Trends report, 82% of databases in cloud environments are not encrypted, running contrary to security best practices.

New data security options are emerging constantly, and companies can help protect their data by installing simple encryption software, requiring data security training, and helping employees understand where core vulnerabilities exist and how to help defend them before, during, and after cloud transition.  

IT modernization is a crucial step in securing a cloud based date center. Bringing legacy applications and terminal emulators that access them into line can help integrate old and new systems and keep enterprise companies running smoothly while legacy apps are slowly phased out and tighter security protocols installed.

The Inventu Flynet Viewer, a secure terminal emulation solution, can replace obsolete security-vulnerable solutions like Host-on-Demand and help to streamline the entire IT modernization process, providing simple, familiar, and easy to use solutions during times of change and keeping employees on an even keel.  Connect with us today to learn more about the various products and solutions available.