Strategies For Addressing Cloud Security, Now

Enterprise cloud adoption is expected to increase dramatically over the coming months, as more organizations swap on-premises processing equipment for virtual servers. However, many executives, even those at firms with greenlit implementation plans, still have security concerns, according to research from Check Point. More than 93 percent of businesses worry over data security in the cloud, with unauthorized access, data leakage and denial-of-service attacks ranking among the most common fears. How can internal information technology personnel address these threats as they embrace the technology? There are multiple options.

Nail down the basics
Implementing industry-standard security practices is the best way to combat cloud anxiety and prevent data loss. Yet, many businesses fail to do this, leaving their internal systems open to the attacks they fear the most. For example, RedLock Cloud Security Intelligence recently discovered that roughly 82 percent of cloud databases are unencrypted, Dark Reading reported. Simply avoiding security faux pas like this can promote confidence in the cloud and, of course, facilitate optimal digital protection.

"Implementing industry-standard security practices is the best way to combat cloud anxiety and prevent data loss."

Embrace burgeoning technologies
Cloud computing is still young, meaning firms in the field continue to grapple with the technology, searching for new ways to refine and defend it. New data security options emerge constantly as a result. At the moment, cloud specialists are developing new defense mechanisms such as self-healing infrastructure and artificial intelligence-based security platforms, according to IT Toolbox. This allows adopters to tap into state-of-the-art protections strong enough to fend off hackers and other cybercriminals.

Provide proof
Simply installing encryption software, offering data security training and implementing up-and-coming digital defenses is not enough. IT teams must prove their protective capabilities to instill true confidence in the cloud, according to TechTarget. Adopters should help their employees understand how virtual servers are defended and work with vendors to advertise online bulwark internally.

Of course, IT modernization is another effective method for securing the cloud. When ancillary systems comport with modern security standards, protecting sensitive data becomes easier. The Inventu Flynet Viewer, a screen integration solution, streamlines the IT modernization process, meeting the needs of businesses and employees in a way that feels both familiar and simple. Connect with us today to learn more about this solution and the other products included in our catalog.