Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to the Cloud

A cloud migration is a major undertaking for any enterprise. While it is certainly worth doing in the long run, thanks to the potential cost savings and efficiency gains, it was only recently when large percentages of the business world started seriously considering proposals.

As with any operation of this magnitude there are many opportunities for things to go wrong during the migration process. Here are some tips for avoiding critical mistakes:

  • "A cloud migration is a major undertaking for any enterprise."

    Make sure the entire organization is prepared for the move. It's important to get everyone in the organization on board for the move. This includes getting buy-in from the top leaders, who will ultimately have to oversee the transition. It is also crucial to prepare everyone else in the company. A shift to the cloud can affect company culture quite a bit.

  • Build an application migration schedule – and stick with it. It can be difficult to coordinate the movement of large applications to the cloud alongside smaller ones. A strict schedule can help your organization plan for the time it may take to complete the largest transitions without getting in the way of other tasks.
  • Carefully track migration costs. It is true that, typically, hosting applications in the cloud is more cost-effective than keeping them on site. But that doesn't mean that you should assume this is the case in every instance. If you aren't careful, the specific costs associated with the migration itself can reach unexpected heights. It's important to monitor them carefully and stick to a budget.

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