Choose the mainframe solution that will give you the best sense of security

When you make the decision to undergo mainframe modernization, you need to think about solutions that will enable you to perform browser access in a safe environment. It's no good expanding your range of access if this makes your system more vulnerable.

This can be true for those running on established, well-known servers like Linux, as a recent story in ZDNet pointed out. According to that source, a group of malware users have been targeting Linux users through a crime group called "Operation Windigo." So far, it has reportedly hit more than 10,000 different servers across Europe and, chiefly, in the United States.

Most of this information comes from a report conducted by the security firm ESET, which alleges that the overall goal of the group is likely to hijack user computers and route them to other infected networks. 

The effort is also targeting Windows users, which means that your business might need to be especially alert as it looks to secure and expand its network using web terminal emulation to access mainframe applications.

The authors of the report go on to note the way that it's been operating and urge tighter security measures.

"By providing indicators of compromise and instructions on how to clean servers, we hope more system administrators will quickly clean their systems and hosting providers will be more proactive in the notification to their customers," the report reads.

As you move your legacy systems access onto other devices and try to take on the challenges of a larger, more accessible system, Inventu can offer solutions that help you stay secure and keep up with the most effective practices.