More mainframe specialists needed for coming businesses, say companies

Just because the cloud is going to play a major part in coming business doesn't mean that the mainframe needs to be neglected. A recent piece for Information Week notes that the mainframe "isn't cool." But is it possible to get around that concern with strong mainframe modernization tools?

Writing for that source, Kevin Casey notes that the importance of the mainframe hasn't gone away, but those that can work specifically on these systems might be disappearing from companies. Your business needs to find solutions that can help it last for the long haul and yet easily integrate future talent.

To this end, Casey discusses the lack of both employees and proper education in these areas for IT professionals.

Information Age similarly finds that a lack of skilled professionals who can stay with a company is a problem for the 77 percent of companies in the U.K. that are on track to do more work in the coming year.

This draws from a survey performed by the recruitment company ReThink. Information Age quotes the managing director of that company, Michael Bennett, who tried to be both optimistic and aware of the problems that are facing this industry.

"While the UK economy continues to show signs of positivity, it seems the IT arena still has a number of challenges to contend with," he said. "The next year, then, looks set to be extremely busy for IT professionals."

Companies need to be aware of the tools they have to make the conversion possible, and that includes IT modernization solutions that are easy to understand and draw from your old setup. This way, you can simplify an already challenging process and get advice from experts in this field.