BYOD allows for easy business growth

Adopting a BYOD policy can be a necessary move, since many employees may start using their own phones and tablets anyway. Companies left unaware could make a mistake, leaving themselves open to security risks. On the other hand, BYOD can also bring some advantages, and one of them is the ability to upgrade and expand more seamlessly than before.

This is one of the perks that Business 2 Community recently noted in a list about the benefits of "BYOD culture." It noted that IT infrastructure is "eminently scalable" when BYOD use is enforced, with a lower overhead cost to contend with.

"With BYOD, you have the space to keep adding more devices."

Since the devices you rely on come tied to the employees, you have the space to keep adding more and work around other development costs. And even though BYOD is often associated with security issues, it may also grant the company more freedom in creating a solution that works with their devices. That could end up being closer to what they need, anyway, since it runs off of common browsers.

There are also predictions of a continued growth for the BYOD market over the next few years. A press release from a report by Global Market Insights said that the market could be worth $366.95 billion within six years, a significant improvement over its 2014 value of $30 billion. The release also said that use of a single device could simplify work functions and help employees avoid the complications of using too many different devices.

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