The mainframe lives on: Fluid apps help modernize legacy systems

While some may see the mainframe as old, the right services can help it stay relevant. With legacy application modernization, the old mainframe can provide ongoing service for an organization. Despite changes in tech trends, the mainframe still offers important service for enterprises if the right tools are in place to support it. Businesses should find a solution that doesn't require too much upkeep.

Some mistakes in modernization come from a lack of information about mainframes. In a Forbes piece from last year, contributor Jason Bloomberg argued that the mainframe can still play a role in the modern, mobile-enhanced world, as long as it remains flexible enough to do so.

This means that administrators should assess what a potential modernization could require before they start making judgments that could affect their enterprise. Cost can also be a discouraging factor, as CIOs and other decision makers feel it's too expensive to invest in new applications. To solve this, the mainframe solution needs to be efficient enough to provide long-term value.

"The mainframe solution needs to be efficient enough to provide long-term value."

A practical, easy-to-implement solution will give businesses the automated service they need for a smoother workflow. Inventu Flynet Viewer offers multiple ways to not only set up better mainframe modernization, but also leave room for further updates as the company evolves.

Switching to a new type of browser, adding more devices or increasing data entry projects should all come with the architecture needed for stable performance. Our solution allows you to see and automate more as you start to take modernization more seriously. 

The mainframe can continue to be a valuable part of your business with the right support. Move toward compatible, accessible applications with the web services that use Flynet Workflow Automation.