Browser-adaptable solutions crucial in ongoing Windows/Chrome feud

There will likely always be debate over the "best" web browser. Businesses shouldn't worry too much about matching the terminal emulation with the right program. It makes more sense to find a solution that runs in pure HTML and works with whatever browser your company prefers. This keeps options open for different devices as well, which could be essential for modernization.

According to CNET, Microsoft has continued to push its newest browser, Edge, against the popular Google Chrome. The source said that notifications in Windows 10 even warn users to stop using Chrome, claiming that it drains more battery life from user devices. Since both Chrome and Edge are compatible with PCs, the choice between them could be a significant one for enterprises.

Despite this effort, it appears the Chrome remains the more popular choice. Net Applications recently reported steady user share growth for Chrome, with 23.1 percentage points added in the past year, according to PC World.

"Since both Chrome and Edge are compatible with PCs, the choice between them could be a significant one for enterprises."

In addition to this, the Digital Analytics Program showed that 34.7 percent of all visitors to government websites used Chrome, 6.4 percent more than the number of Internet Explorer users. Among the different Explorer versions, the most widely seen was 11.0, which accounted for 14.8 percent of the users.

ZDNet cited the source, which also showed 67.5 percent of users accessed government sites via desktop. This was considerably higher than the amount of mobile devices (24.9 percent) or tablets (7.6 percent) used for this purpose.

The code used in Inventu Flynet Viewer has perks for Windows users but it is also a valuable option for multiple browsers. Users can work with pre-existing Microsoft security settings while also preparing for Chrome use if necessary. Having the choice to change browsers could bring a new freedom, along with no more pesky setup requirements.