With better data use comes more competitive advantage

Companies wondering about the ROI of big data can ask themselves how they plan to keep up with competitors. If the opposition is able to operate faster and with more insight, then lagging behind offers a possible disadvantage. Information Age recently cited the need for better development as a sign that a business is ready for what big data can provide.

However, truly standing out from the rest of an industry is not just about the technology, but how it's deployed as well. The article mentioned two specific components: speed and accuracy. According to this source, users need to employ big data properly and before their rivals do to see the greatest advantage.

CSO Online looked at a similar subject by asking if businesses are "ready to trust the cloud." While the bulk of the post, from Intel Security CTO Raj Samani, dealt with cloud security issues, the article also mentioned the link between the rise of more cloud offerings and the "distrust" of this space in many organizations.

alttextNew data solutions may allow businesses to keep up with rivals or even stay ahead.

Samani also cites information from McAfee on the issues enterprises have with cloud security, which shows a difference based on the types of cloud solutions that enterprises use. Though 63 percent of CISOs don't trust private clouds completely, this number is 19 percent higher than those who feel similarly about public clouds. Enterprises may need to think about the kinds of big data solutions they require to be efficient.

With a strong means of accessing data across newer devices, organizations will have the means to embrace the cloud and stay ahead of the curve. Inventu's Flynet Viewer is a tool that fits neatly in with existing webpages while still allowing enterprises to take advantage of new developments.